Tips for Protecting Your Dock in Florida

As Florida temperatures continue to rise, you have the perfect excuse to get out on your boat and enjoy the cooling effects of the water. Summertime in Florida is the hottest time of the year and that can take a toll on your boat. Both your boat and dock require regular maintenance in order to stay in tip-top shape. Listed below are a few of our tips and tricks for protecting your dock in the Florida heat. 


Seal the Wood

Wood is the most commonly used material for building a boat dock. Because wood weathers so easily, treated lumber is used for building a dock that will last. However, even the treated lumber is prone to drying and mildew, so it is also important that you reseal it annually. 

In order to properly seal your docks treated lumber, you should powerwash the dock to get rid of any mold or algae. You should also sand the surface to avoid any water collecting and then seal the dock. Your dock will be good as new when it has completely dried.


Check for any Organisms

Florida’s waters are full of barnacles and other sea creatures that like to attach themselves to your dock. They should be removed regularly to prevent any damages from happening to your dock over time. 

You can remove the sea creatures by using a putty knife to scrub the surface of your dock. Once they have all been removed, you should also scrub the surface of your dock with an abrasive pad.


Repair or Replace Wood as Needed

Holes and scrapes in your dock can often be a quick fix with wood putty, however, larger amounts of damage should be replaced entirely to avoid any accidental damage. We recommend hiring a professional to take care of this part, so that the proper tools, materials, and installation are used.


Repair or Replace Hardware as Needed

With use and through the offseason, the hardware on your dock can come loose or rust, so it must be replaced when it goes missing or gets damaged. Remember to use fasteners that are ideal for Florida’s heat and water. Chains or any other mechanical pieces on your dock should also be lubricated regularly to avoid rusting.


Waterway Boat Lift Covers

Before you get your boat ready for the water, it is imperative that you also remember to do routine maintenance on your dock. Florida’s weather conditions can change drastically from one day to the next, so routine maintenance will ensure that you and your equipment are protected at all times. Waterway Boat Lift Covers are the best investment for your boat, because they provide an added layer of protection to both your boat and dock. Learn more about our products and services by contacting us today!