Hurricane Removal List is now closed

This is the first year that we offered a Guaranteed Hurricane Removal List. We will remove your boat lift cover and help reduce your worries during the next hurricane. Clients on our Hurricane List will receive a Guaranteed Removal service in the event of a hurricane in 2020.  We will contact you before the storm to let you know when we will be taking down your boat lift cover. You don’t even have to be there.

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Join the Waterway Guaranteed Hurricane Removal List for the time period of January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020.  Due to geographic restrictions, this service is only for clients in Lee, Charlotte, Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach, and Indian River counties. This list is only for clients who have purchased their Boat Lift Covers from Waterway.

Get on the list for only $350!

The list is a first-come basis for the first 100 clients on the East coast and 100 clients on the West coast, so space is limited.  You need to book your space on the list today to ensure receiving this service we are offering for the first time.


Only $100 to take down and $100 to put up for the first hurricane!

Only $200 to take down and $300 to put up for subsequent 2020 hurricanes.

After taking care of our Guaranteed Hurricane Removal List clients in the event of a hurricane,  if we have the ability to perform a service, it will be $300 to take down and $400 for non-members to put up in 2020.

How it works:

Hurricane list is now closed

You can email us or call us to get on the list today! As soon as we get to 100 on each coast, we cut off the list.

In 2020, we will email you when we will be taking your canopy down in the event of a hurricane.  We will contact you for payment prior to taking down your canopy.

Email us today at or call us at 941-505-0237

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