4 Things to do in Florida in July and August

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After a year of being cooped up in the house, nobody wants to waste the precious summertime being bored. Luckily, in Florida, there is plenty to do to keep you busy! Check out these family-friendly events to make the most of the summer sun!



When: July 27-29

Where: Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Web: discoverlbts.com/bugfest/

The lobster hunt is on! Join in the festivities and show off your “bug” catching skills. You can catch up to 12 lobsters per day and win your share of the $10,000 of money and prizes. If you’re not much of a bug hunter yourself, check out the lobster catching seminars, enter the underwater photography competition, or eat your fill of fresh lobster and the cook-off.



When: July 24-28

Where: Eden Roc Nobu Hotel, Miami Beach

Web: miamisalsacongress.com

Viva Miami! Celebrate Florida’s vibrant Latin culture by attending the Miami Salsa Congress. Over five days, watch world-renowned Salsa dancers perform and enjoy the talent of amazing Latin bands and DJs. Join in on the fun with dance parties, events for kids, dance lessons, and much more. 



When: August 7-8

Where: C-Quarters Marina, Carrabelle

Web: http://www.c-quartersmarina.com

Calling all anglers! It’s time to put your fishing prowess to the test in the 18th Annual Kingfish Shootout. Total cash prizes for the tournament amount to $16,500, and the fisher with the largest kingfish catch will win $5,000. The tournament also hosts Women and Youth contests. The anglers with the top three Spanish Mackerel catches will take home $3,500.


When: August 27-29

Where: Universal Blvd, Orlando

Web: https://orlandoboatshow.com/

Check out the Orlando Boat Show because “life is better with a boat!” Look at the latest models and brands from Florida’s best boat dealers. Listen to engaging seminars, watch an impressive water-skiing squirrel, and update your fishing gear at the new “fishing zone.” There is something for everyone at the Orlando Boat Show! Bring your kids along to get a caricature drawing, catch live trout, and participate in a virtual saltwater fishing simulation game.

After you buy your beautiful new boat at the Orlando Boat Show or take yours out for the Bugfest By-The-Sea, don’t forget to take proper care for it while it’s docked. The elements can do a number to your boat. To keep it in tip-top shape, make sure you use a boat lift cover when you dock it for the night.

At Waterway, we protect your boat so that you can keep enjoying the water. Our trusted boat lift covers are one-of-a-kind and made with durability and ease-of-use in mind. Get yours today so you can keep soaking up the Florida summer sunshine!

8 Adventures For This Summer in Florida

Experience the largest public freshwater pool in the U.S.

The summer sun will be rising on the Florida coast soon and that means we’ve got to start prepping! Stock up on sunscreen, renew that fishing license (if you haven’t already), and make sure your vessel is ready for some fun in the sun.

You can’t go wrong with enjoying your traditional summer adventures, but it might be nice to try something new. Get ready to create new memories with your friends and family– you might even be able to bring your own boat with you!

Fun in the Florida's Summer Sun

The world is slowly settling again, and that means lots of our Summer favorites are back on track!

Go parasailing in Siesta Key
Experience the largest public freshwater pool in the U.S.
How about snorkeling in the clear waters of Ft. Lauderdale?
Explore the Subtropical Bok Tower Gardens
Enjoy the Miami skyline on your speed boat
Treat the family to a day at Aquatica Orlando
Check out one of the best tubing and kayaking spots at Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Go Cave Diving in the open waters in Ginnie Springs

Feel Like You've Won the Florida Lottery

Spending a summer in any of these cities feels like winning the Florida lottery. Whether you’re a fan of tradition or a feen for adventure, Summer’s got something in store for you. You can even make a trip to one of the many Florida state parks.

Being able to spend Summer in Florida is something that not everyone is lucky enough to experience. And even if these adventures are some miles away, that’s nothing a short drive can’t solve– maybe even a flight.

Enjot Yourself, Rest Up, and Protect Your Boat

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to bask in the Florida sun daily as a local, we’re sure you’ll be getting your much needed dose of the ocean this Summer. Don’t forget to prep your boat before heading out to the water. Once you’ve had your fill and you’re ready to dock your boat, make sure you’ve got a reliable boat lift canopy to keep your vessel safe as you rest up for the night.

Don’t have one yet? We know a guy! Meet Waterway Boat Lift Covers, the ultimate protection from nature’s harshest elements for your boat. Our patented boat lift systems and canopies are custom designed to fit your needs!

5 Things To Do During Spring in Florida

manatee wildlife in Florida

There’s something about the Spring air that gets people riled up – the beaches, the thriving wildlife, the boat rides and swims, and the extra time to kick back with friends and family. And whatever your muse may be, Spring’s got something in store for everyone.

Fun in the Florida Sun

We know this year’s a little different, but there’s plenty of ways to keep up with your Spring routine.

Don’t just talk about wanting to get out there…

Go boating in Naples
Go snorkeling in the waters of Anna Maria Island
Fish on New Smyrna beach
Sunbathe in Destin

If you’re still thinking of something new to try, take a look at this event list!

Spring Flings

You’ll be so deep in the fun zone that you might not even notice all the wildlife around you, joining in on the fun.

With warmer weather comes the critters that were hiding from the cold. Turtles are leaving their burrows, manatees are returning to warmer waters. And on top of the various beach birds being excited to come out and enjoy the sun, it’s mating season for a lot of these love bugs.

manatee wildlife in Florida
Panther wildlife in Florida

From flamingos and crocodiles to bears and panthers, you can see there is an abundance of species thriving off of the lands and waters all around you. But don’t let that make you nervous – there’s miles and miles between you and them. Either way, it’s pretty cool to know you’re fishing in the same waters and walking the same ground as these tremendous creatures. 

Have Fun & Be Safe

Above springing into all the fun, be safe, pack snacks, stay hydrated, and be prepared for the unexpected. When the fun is over for the day and it’s time to dock, find comfort in knowing everyone and everything returned to shore safe and sound.


Mother nature is unpredictable and that’s why we always strive to do what we can to keep your life running smoothly. Click here to see how we’ve been keeping the residents of Florida and their vessels safe since 1995!

2 Unexpected Reasons You Need a Boat Lift Cover

cover your boat

The perfect formula for a nice day out on your boat is as simple as sun+water. That’s why it’s such a shock when people learn that those two elements can ultimately lead to your boat’s demise. Together, the damage they cause and a lack of maintenance are the main reasons you need a boat lift cover.

Something as simple as a canopy boat cover can save you the heartache of having to say goodbye to your boat too soon.

Sun Against Your Boat Roof & Hull

As much as we love the feel of the sun on our skin, we know too much of it can be harmful. It works the exact same way for your boat! Too much sun hitting the roof of your boat or the hull can be detrimental to its quality and make it look faded or dirty. Other solutions exist, such as wax protectants, but using these options will only delay what’s unavoidable.

Even Boats Need a Chance to Air-dry

Just like too much sun is bad, so is too much water. It may be silly to think that water can cause damage to your boat. It’s a vessel made to live on water, after all. However, 69% of boats that sink fall victim at their own docks or moors. While this is rare, it is very possible.

Reportedly, one or more of these could be the source of water leak
  • hull fittings for intakes or drains
  • drain plugs
  • wash-down pump thru-hulls
  • holes for depth finder transducers
  • bolts for the outboard motor

Ultimately, the lack of maintenance is the culprit. Water-damaged parts finally give out, or an ugly storm takes the boat underwater.

Regular maintenance and proper storage are non-negotiable in order to maintain the quality of life for your boat. And it’s no secret that uncovered boats age faster. That’s why a quality boat lift cover is critical to maximizing your boat’s life span.


That’s what Waterway Boat Lift Covers specializes in. All of our custom-fit boat lift covers are made with our patented canopy, easy-to-use systems, and durable materials. Maintaining the condition of your boat has never been easier! Visit our site to get your free quote!

How to Keep Your Boat Clean

clean boat lift system

Are you confused about how to begin taking care of your boat? Whether a new boat owner or a seasoned one, it’s time to maintain your boat properly! Grab a bucket of soapy water, and take a look at these tips on how to keep your boat clean.


Cleaning the interior of your boat is necessary to prevent cracking and corrosion. Start with vacuuming your marine carpet to remove any particles and debris. Then it’s time to scrub it clean with soap and water, making sure to wet-vac when done.

Cushions can become caked with dirt and mildew. Take special precautions because most have antimicrobial properties. Leave the harsh chemicals at home and opt for a good old fashioned bucket of water and soap. When tough stains won’t come out, tackle them with a marine vinyl cleaner.


Each boat has a gel protective coating that helps protect itself from salt and the sun. However, if not adequately maintained, oxidation occurs. You can take care of this by giving it a good coating of wax and polish. Just like that, your boat will be shining and looking brand-new again!


The sun and harsh weather conditions could affect your boat leaving it dirty and, much worse, damaged. When you store your boat under a boat lift cover, you protect your boat. Leaving less time for cleaning and repairs and giving you more time to enjoy the open ocean! Waterway Boat Lift Covers use a polyester reinforced waterproof PVC fabric, flame, mildew, stain, and dirt resistant. With the strong fabric Waterway uses, you won’t have to spend hours maintaining your cover. Check out the solution that will help keep your boat clean and safe all year long at waterwayboatliftcovers.com!

4 Ways to Expand the Life of Your Boat

boat lift cover

Boats are a considerable investment, but they reap the rewards of long-lasting fun for the entire family! Once you take the plunge and dive into buying a boat, your next steps should be learning how you can protect it. Here are four ways to expand the life of your boat.

Wash Your Boat

You had a fantastic time out on the water, but now it’s time to wash up. Washing your boat is important because it cleans algae, dirt, salt, and residue buildup. Over time if left unkempt, this buildup can become very tough to clean and eat away at the gel protective coating.

Flush Your Outboard Engine

Salt can build up in the motor and cause corrosive damage. After your saltwater expedition is over, take fresh water and thoroughly flush the engine. With proper flushing, your engine will keep on revving, allowing you to breeze over the Florida ocean with peace of mind! 


We know every once in a while, you love the adrenaline rush of watching the speedometer rise. Feeling the rush is exhilarating, but is it that great for your boat? Your boat is typically less stressed when at cruising speeds. The average cruising speed is between 15-30 MPH. So have fun out on the water, but remember to cruise when possible!

Store Your Boat Properly

When the fun is over, and it’s time to park your boat, why not park it under a boat lift cover? Get a boat cover from the best Waterway! Waterway Boat Lift Covers protect your boat from harsh sun and weather elements. Our Canopy covers are guaranteed to withstand 70 MPH winds, and our frames are guaranteed to withstand 180 MPH winds, now that’s strong! Every Waterway Boat Lift Cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Expand the life of your boat by choosing Waterway! Visit our website at www.waterwayboatliftcovers.com today for more information.

5 Cold Water Boating Precautions to Help Keep Your Boating Expeditions Safe

Boat Lift Cover

Cold water means less boating for a lot of avid boaters. However, with the right precautionary measures, you can still enjoy all of the fun of being out on the water! Check out these five cold water boating precautions to help keep your boating expeditions safe.

Layers are Everything

It’s time to rethink the usual swimming trunks and a t-shirt and opt for layers. Wear all three layers to help raise body temperature, including the inner, middle, and outer. don’t forget about wearing a hat to help hold the heat.

Bring Food

How can food help you when boating in cold water? Create thermogenesis by consuming food that takes longer to digest and raise your body temperature. It also doesn’t hurt to keep the tummy full while cruising the Florida coastline.

Lifejackets are Necessary

When it comes to fun speeding out over the open ocean, safety is always first! No matter how much boating experience you have, accidents can happen. When you choose to wear a life jacket, you choose to protect yourself if an incident occurs.

Boat Safety Check

Before you head out onto the water, it’s essential to check out your boat. The last thing you want to do is take out your boat when there’s a safety issue. Important things to inspect are the fuel system, electric system, propeller and hulls, and cables. 

Waterway Boat Lift Covers

Are you looking for a way to keep your boating experience as safe as possible? An impactful way to protect your boat and keep it in excellent condition is to make sure a boat lift cover protects your boat. Waterway Boat Lift Covers maintain the lifespan of your boat and protect it from harsh weather conditions. Visit waterwayboatliftcovers.com today to find out which boat lift cover is best to protect your boat!

Winter on the Water in Florida

winter boating florida

Spending winter by the water might initially sound like a strange idea, but you will be surprised just how refreshing and enjoyable it is in Florida. This is a clue that life is excellent here throughout the year, including the winter season. It’s no wonder why many retirees choose to make the Sunshine State their retirement destination – they do say that with age comes experience. For Floridians, winter doesn’t equal waking up every morning to shovel snow off the driveway, scrape ice off the windshield, or even be accompanied by their favorite scarves, unless it’s to pair with a nice afternoon drive. 


What is winter like in Florida?

Florida experiences one of the most forgiving winters in the USA. Days are typically filled with sunshine and warm temperatures. People generally don light clothing, including shorts and short sleeve shirts during the day, which is a paradise compared to other parts of the continent. The nights are usually a bit cooler, but nothing a sweater can’t fix.


Florida’s climate is generally considered subtropical, with some areas experiencing 86% humidity levels, creating summer-like weather even in winter. The amount of rainfall drops considerably during the winter season compared to summer, ensuring that you are rarely trapped indoors because of a heavy downpour. This makes Florida the perfect winter holiday destination, especially for those that love outdoor activities. 


Here’s a quick preview of the average weather conditions throughout the winter season:


  • As winter starts in December, temperatures average a high of 75˚F and a low of 58˚F. 
  • As the winter progresses into January, the temperatures drop slightly to an average high of 71˚F and a low of 53˚F. 
  • We hope that January’s cold front didn’t scare you away… February highs and lows rise slightly, back up to an average high of 74˚F with a low of 57˚F. 
  • As we start heading to spring in March, things start to warm up with temperatures averaging a high of 78˚Fand a low of 59˚F.


The reason why winters in Florida are warm is mainly because of the predominant tropical easterly winds. These winds blow through the southern and central parts of the state. This, in turn, keeps the temperatures mild. El Niño and La Niña are the dominant weather patterns,the former usually causes wetter and colder winters while the latter causes warmer and drier winters.


Some visitors might wonder if it ever gets icy in Florida. Occasionally, a cold front blows through the peninsula, causing subzero or near subzero temperatures, mainly during the night in the inland areas in central Florida. This shouldn’t be a concern though because it only happens every couple of years. It is so rare that snow, to the younger generation in this area, is unheard of.

Now that we know what weather conditions are like, let’s take a look at some fun ways people stay occupied during the winter months.


Fun activities to do in Florida during winter

People in Florida love their boats and spend a lot of time in them. By the simple fact that winters in Florida are so mild, it opens up a world of unique activities that you wouldn’t participate in anywhere else during this season.


Boat Fishing

The majority of fish usually love warmer waters to swim in. As different species migrate from colder areas, many flock to the warmer parts of Floridian waters. This might be a good chance to exploit their cold-blooded behavior and catch yourself some fresh fish for you and your family. 


To catch plenty of fish, you will have to make sure that the bait is right and you’re in the perfect spot for them to be lured to take the bait. If, by any chance, you are fishing on a lake, be sure to cast your net or rod in the deeper parts of the water as they often have warmer water where fish usually swim.


Swimming with Manatees

Sea animal lovers will really enjoy this! Crystal River, located on the west coast of Florida, is the only place where you can legally swim with these beautiful creatures. The waters in these areas are a constant 72˚F throughout the year, making it warm enough for swimming, even during winter. During the coldest seasons, about 400 manatees move away from the cold waters of South America and move north to Florida’s warm waters. Crystal River provides pleasant refuge for them.


Manatees are large aquatic animals that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and measure around 10 feet in body length. They are slow movers which allows people to interact with them. Being mammals that cannot breathe underwater, they usually come to the surface every 30 seconds, which gives swimmers one of the most rewarding experiences of touching and swimming side-by-side with a water mammal.


Christmas on St. Johns River

What better way to cap off the year than with an experience that every boat lover and member of your family will enjoy! A holiday boat parade is a beautiful way of ushering out the year as the winter season starts to creep in. The first annual light boat parade usually happens at the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida. Close to 200,000 people every year flock and line up the river to witness this incredible light show. Plus, a fireworks display that makes the water glisten as the boats move by to cap it all off.


Are you a snowbird who retreats to Florida when the winter weather creeps in at home? Or a future Floridian doing research on the benefits of a move to the Sunshine State? Whatever your circumstances, if you’re on the water in Florida you most likely have a boat. And, well, what do you know – we’re in the business of boats! Give us a call for all your boat lift cover needs – (941) 505-0237. We can’t wait to hear from you.

How to Keep the Birds Off Your Boat Lift Cover

birds on boat cover

Waterway Boatlift Covers are made to withstand nature’s harshest elements. Our vinyl covers are durable, water-resistant, and can withstand up to 70 mph winds. (Click here to read more about why Waterway Boat Lift Covers are The Best Investment for your Boat)

It is normal for there to be some wear and tear from the rain, wind, and dust after some time. However, you may have started to notice some damages that are inconsistent with those elements. Boat lift covers are often used by birds as nesting spots and can potentially cause unnecessary damage to your boat lift cover. Listed below are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to deter the birds and keep your boat lift cover in good condition.


Windsock or Flag

The most inexpensive method to scare away the birds is a bright, decorative windsock or flag. They are easy to install just a few feet above the cover and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The windsocks movement and color as it flows through the wind will scare the birds away. 


Scare Kits

The hawk and owl are some of the birds’ greatest predators. Another effective means of scaring the birds away from your boat lift cover would be by placing a fake hawk or owl above your cover. The prop will create the illusion that a bigger bird is guarding the area and the birds will steer clear of the cover to avoid their predator. These scare kits are also affordable and easy to assemble.


Spikes and Netting

Spikes and netting are one of the most effective ways to keep the birds from perching on top of your boat lift cover. The appearance of the netting and spikes will give the birds the impression that it is not safe to land on the cover. But keep in mind, spikes and netting do not work so well for keeping the birds out from under the boat lift cover.


Reflective Devices

Using reflective devices along the sides of your boat lift cover will keep the birds from going under it. As the device moves in the wind and reflects off the sun, the bird’s vision will be distorted and will keep them away from the boat lift cover. Some of the most commonly used reflective devices are small disks, reflective tape, or CDs.


Invisible Deterrents

Ultrasonic deterrents and bird repellent spray are the perfect invisible bird deterrent solutions. Ultrasonic machines release high pitched sounds that humans can’t hear and that do not harm the birds. The ultrasonic sound warns them to stay away from the boat lift cover. Bird repellent sprays are also known to keep birds from gathering on your cover and it is available at most pest control stores.


Electrical Deterrents

Although this option tends to be more expensive, it has proven to be an effective means of deterring birds. You can line your boat lift cover with metal tracks that provide a mild (non-harmful) shock to the bird as it lands. The shocks will educate the bird to avoid the cover in the future.


Waterway Boat Lift Covers

If you do not have a boat lift cover but are interested in one, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Waterway! Our durable boat lift covers are custom designed to fit your needs and will ultimately make your boat maintenance much easier in the long run. Get a free quote for your custom boat lift cover from Florida’s finest today!

Tips for Protecting Your Dock in Florida

Radius beam boat lift cover

As Florida temperatures continue to rise, you have the perfect excuse to get out on your boat and enjoy the cooling effects of the water. Summertime in Florida is the hottest time of the year and that can take a toll on your boat. Both your boat and dock require regular maintenance in order to stay in tip-top shape. Listed below are a few of our tips and tricks for protecting your dock in the Florida heat. 


Seal the Wood

Wood is the most commonly used material for building a boat dock. Because wood weathers so easily, treated lumber is used for building a dock that will last. However, even the treated lumber is prone to drying and mildew, so it is also important that you reseal it annually. 

In order to properly seal your docks treated lumber, you should powerwash the dock to get rid of any mold or algae. You should also sand the surface to avoid any water collecting and then seal the dock. Your dock will be good as new when it has completely dried.


Check for any Organisms

Florida’s waters are full of barnacles and other sea creatures that like to attach themselves to your dock. They should be removed regularly to prevent any damages from happening to your dock over time. 

You can remove the sea creatures by using a putty knife to scrub the surface of your dock. Once they have all been removed, you should also scrub the surface of your dock with an abrasive pad.


Repair or Replace Wood as Needed

Holes and scrapes in your dock can often be a quick fix with wood putty, however, larger amounts of damage should be replaced entirely to avoid any accidental damage. We recommend hiring a professional to take care of this part, so that the proper tools, materials, and installation are used.


Repair or Replace Hardware as Needed

With use and through the offseason, the hardware on your dock can come loose or rust, so it must be replaced when it goes missing or gets damaged. Remember to use fasteners that are ideal for Florida’s heat and water. Chains or any other mechanical pieces on your dock should also be lubricated regularly to avoid rusting.


Waterway Boat Lift Covers

Before you get your boat ready for the water, it is imperative that you also remember to do routine maintenance on your dock. Florida’s weather conditions can change drastically from one day to the next, so routine maintenance will ensure that you and your equipment are protected at all times. Waterway Boat Lift Covers are the best investment for your boat, because they provide an added layer of protection to both your boat and dock. Learn more about our products and services by contacting us today!