Boat Lift Covers and Why They’re Necessary

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What is a boat life cover?

Boat lift covers ensure the quality of your boat over its lifetime by providing year-round protection. 

What does a boat lift canopy protect against?

Boat lift covers provide protection to the exterior and interior of your boat from things like sun and rain damage to nature’s harshest elements. Our canopy covers are engineered to withstand up to 70 mph winds, and our frames up to 180 mph winds. Waterway boat lift covers have protected boats from even the toughest storms.

Waterway Boat Lift Canopy

Why Waterway boat lift covers are better

Waterway boat lift covers are built with premium materials featuring marine grade vinyl covers, shock absorbent cords, and all aluminum double-rail reinforcement frames. Our boat lift covers feature unique tech that allow the canopy to fall off while keeping the frame intact if exposed to severe wind. We offer limited lifetime warranty on our products and are the only patented boat lift canopy system in the US.

Boat canopy covers for every size and preference

Waterway offers 4 different standardized boat lift cover models: the Original, Verandah, Radius Beam, and Radius Verandah beam. All models provide guaranteed protection with varying options of frame styles, side protection, overhangs, and durability. All models are modifiable with custom height measurements and color selections. Custom cover designs are also available.