The 2 Ways Waterway Boat Canopies Keep Your Ship in Durable Condition, Rain or Shine

Protect your boat from the elements with a Waterway boat canopy!

A boat is an investment. When you purchase a personal watercraft, you’re pledging time and money towards your own little piece of happiness. Why give that time and money half the mileage it could get by reducing your boat’s durability? A boat cover, pontoon canopy, or bimini top can help protect your boat from the elements. 

But the best option, by far, is a Waterway boat canopy. Here are two ways Waterway’s innovative boat canopies are designed to protect your boat from the elements:

  1. Waterway’s boat canopies provide crucial protection from the sun

If you leave a painted fence out in the sun, the color will fade over time. The same thing will happen to an uncovered boat! Too much sun can significantly reduce the quality of your boat’s appearance. Sometimes, the sun can even make your boat look dirty, and nobody wants their boat in that kind of condition. Your boat deserves more love than that. Want to spend many hours carefully applying wax to the boat over an onerous twelve-step process, just to have to do the whole thing again three months later

Here at Waterway, we’ve got a better option for you. Our boat canopies protect your boat from the sun and keep it looking beautiful. You can say goodbye to that twelve-step process and spend that time enjoying your boat instead.

  1. Waterway’s boat canopies keep the boat on the water and the water off the boat

Boats are obviously quite water resistant, since we use them to travel on the water. But that doesn’t mean your boat wants water in the places where it doesn’t belong. Keeping the boat dry is essential even for yacht maintenance. Imagine if you left your car out in the rain with the hood slightly cracked. The water could interfere with your car’s machinery. Your boat might be meant for the water, but that doesn’t mean it’s any different. Without a boat lift cover, water can get into your boat’s hull fittings for intakes or drains, drain plugs, wash-down pump-through hulls, holes for depth-finder transducers, or bolts for the outboard motor.

When water gets into those spaces, it can cause important, expensive problems for you. In rare cases, water damage from rain can even sink boats. Did you know that 69% of boats that sink go down while moored or at the dock? A simple yet mighty boat lift cover can protect your boat from all kinds of problems.

A Waterway boat canopy is an essential part of enjoying your boat in the well-maintained condition you deserve. Our boat canopy’s durable materials and patented design make it easy to keep your boat in good condition. Get a free quote for your very own boat canopy today!