5 Cold Water Boating Precautions to Help Keep Your Boating Expeditions Safe

Cold water means less boating for a lot of avid boaters. However, with the right precautionary measures, you can still enjoy all of the fun of being out on the water! Check out these five cold water boating precautions to help keep your boating expeditions safe.

Layers are Everything

It’s time to rethink the usual swimming trunks and a t-shirt and opt for layers. Wear all three layers to help raise body temperature, including the inner, middle, and outer. don’t forget about wearing a hat to help hold the heat.

Bring Food

How can food help you when boating in cold water? Create thermogenesis by consuming food that takes longer to digest and raise your body temperature. It also doesn’t hurt to keep the tummy full while cruising the Florida coastline.

Lifejackets are Necessary

When it comes to fun speeding out over the open ocean, safety is always first! No matter how much boating experience you have, accidents can happen. When you choose to wear a life jacket, you choose to protect yourself if an incident occurs.

Boat Safety Check

Before you head out onto the water, it’s essential to check out your boat. The last thing you want to do is take out your boat when there’s a safety issue. Important things to inspect are the fuel system, electric system, propeller and hulls, and cables. 

Waterway Boat Lift Covers

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