How to Keep the Birds Off Your Boat Lift Cover

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It is normal for there to be some wear and tear from the rain, wind, and dust after some time. However, you may have started to notice some damages that are inconsistent with those elements. Boat lift covers are often used by birds as nesting spots and can potentially cause unnecessary damage to your boat lift cover. Listed below are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to deter the birds and keep your boat lift cover in good condition.


Windsock or Flag

The most inexpensive method to scare away the birds is a bright, decorative windsock or flag. They are easy to install just a few feet above the cover and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The windsocks movement and color as it flows through the wind will scare the birds away. 


Scare Kits

The hawk and owl are some of the birds’ greatest predators. Another effective means of scaring the birds away from your boat lift cover would be by placing a fake hawk or owl above your cover. The prop will create the illusion that a bigger bird is guarding the area and the birds will steer clear of the cover to avoid their predator. These scare kits are also affordable and easy to assemble.


Spikes and Netting

Spikes and netting are one of the most effective ways to keep the birds from perching on top of your boat lift cover. The appearance of the netting and spikes will give the birds the impression that it is not safe to land on the cover. But keep in mind, spikes and netting do not work so well for keeping the birds out from under the boat lift cover.


Reflective Devices

Using reflective devices along the sides of your boat lift cover will keep the birds from going under it. As the device moves in the wind and reflects off the sun, the bird’s vision will be distorted and will keep them away from the boat lift cover. Some of the most commonly used reflective devices are small disks, reflective tape, or CDs.


Invisible Deterrents

Ultrasonic deterrents and bird repellent spray are the perfect invisible bird deterrent solutions. Ultrasonic machines release high pitched sounds that humans can’t hear and that do not harm the birds. The ultrasonic sound warns them to stay away from the boat lift cover. Bird repellent sprays are also known to keep birds from gathering on your cover and it is available at most pest control stores.


Electrical Deterrents

Although this option tends to be more expensive, it has proven to be an effective means of deterring birds. You can line your boat lift cover with metal tracks that provide a mild (non-harmful) shock to the bird as it lands. The shocks will educate the bird to avoid the cover in the future.


Waterway Boat Lift Covers

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