Fun Things To Do In Bradenton, Florida

Florida doesn’t lack when it comes to things to do and places to visit. South of Tampa, Bradenton is full of culture and history to immerse yourself in! 

With some of the oldest cottage-style homes surrounded by beautiful waters, Bradenton is the perfect place for you to take your boat out and enjoy the sunny weather.

Village of the Arts

With art galleries of unique street art and eclectic musicians, Village of the Arts is bound to have something for you. They host events from their local Vinyl shop to foodie adventures of the best Bradenton eats.

Artwalks display the local painters and creatives, and they create a space for art lovers to come out and explore new horizons. 

To make this gallery an all-around great experience, there’s food + drink provided from local vendors from vegan eateries to seafood. Come out and join the Bradenton community today!



Where we bring people together to soak up all that Downtown Bradenton has to offer, there’s always something new to get involved in! 

A place cultivated to bring all kinds of traditions, backgrounds and cultural experiences, the RiverWalk is the place to be.

Explore the history that makes this city special to locals and tourists who visit from around the country. With free parking on the weekends and a pup-friendly location, there’s no reason not to visit!


Bradenton Farmer's Market

If you need a break from the standard grocery store shopping and want fresh, local products, you should head over to the Bradenton Farmer’s Market

By supporting local businesses and getting the best produce possible, you are able to buy healthy + affordable groceries while helping out a small business. 

Walking distance from the farmer’s market, you’ll find anything from skate parks to the Bradenton Amphitheater – enjoy the great weather and people of the Sunshine State!


The Good Liquid Brewing Company

There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot, summer day – that’s why a visit to ‘The Good Liquid Brewing Company’ is a must! From brews to burgers, this place does not disappoint. 

Enjoy a beer tasting or something on tap, their menu has a variety of options to choose from. Once you grab your booze and a snack to munch on, take a walk at our local peer to watch the sun go down while the surfers catch the waves!


Emerson Point Preserve

A place for fun outdoor activities and exercise, the Emerson Point Preserve offers scenic hiking trails, picnic locations, and water ventures such as kayaking/canoeing and fishing spots. 

Take in all the history of Bradenton and the gorgeous shorelines that make the city what it is today. Open from sunrise to sunset, there are special events happening often for people to partake in!


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