Bungee Replacements: Keep Your Boat Secure This Season

Florida residents know fall brings us hurricane season and the potential for aggressive winds and treacherous rain. Our Waterway Boat Lift Covers are designed for 70 mph winds and structures for up to 180 mph winds. Thankfully, many of us missed Hurricane Dorian! However, over the last week, we took down a lot of boat lift covers that had worn bungee cords and would not have withstood high gusts of wind. Old bungees mean loose, unsecure canopies which could potentially either fly away or damage your beloved boats!

Have You Replaced Your Bungee Cords Recently?

Sun, salt, and water are all natural causes of wear and tear to the bungee cords, reducing their ability to hold your canopy firmly on the structure during high winds and boat rides. When you purchased your boat covers, our invoice states “bungee cords need to be replaced every three years”. Not only is that the maximum amount of time to have them replaced, but we highly recommend changing your bungee cords every three years to keep your boat safe in this season’s high winds.

Need A Replacement?

Give yourself some peace of mind knowing your boat lift cover is secure and ready for action. This season, we know will be especially tough for our clients who have vacation homes, due to heavy and frequent winds. Be confident your boat is safe this windy season by letting our staff give your canopy and frame a thorough check for tightness and endurance. Doing so will allow you sit back, relax, and have the confidence that your Waterway Boat Lift Cover will withstand even the most violent winds.

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