Boat Storage Methods: Why A Boat Lift Cover Is The Best Option

As a boat owner, it is important to prioritize the safety and preservation of your vessel during periods of non-use. Proper boat storage protects your investment and ensures that your boat is ready for action when you hit the water again. Today, we will discuss 3 boat storage options and offer practical tips to help you choose the right storage solution.

Marina Storage: 

Marinas are popular storage facilities for boat owners, offering convenience and easy access to the water. Marinas located near waterways make it easy to launch and retrieve your boat. Additionally, they often include on-site amenities such as fuel stations, repair services, and lounge areas. Marinas can also serve as a social hub to meet other boaters.

However, marinas are often a higher cost option compared to other storage options. There is also limited availability during peak seasons, requiring advance booking. Depending on the facility, your boat may require additional maintenance down the road when exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

Remember to research the specific security measures of the marina to ensure the safety of your boat, as well as to stay updated on maintenance schedules and events.

Dry Storage Facilities:

Another storage option for your boat is a dry storage facility, also known as a boatyard or storage yard. A dry storage facility stores boats on trailers or racks shielded from direct water and sunlight. They are often more cost-effective than marina storage, especially for long-term storage. Dry storage facilities typically have a wide availability, reducing the need for advance reservations.

Keep in mind that dry storage facilities have limited on-site amenities, and additional time and effort may be required to retrieve your boat. Furthermore, some facilities may have restrictions on access during non-operating hours.

It is important to ensure that the facility has proper security measures in place. Also, consider whether the facility offers maintenance services for stored boats.

Personal Boat Lift Covers:

For those with access to a waterfront property, personal boat lift covers are the most convenient and secure storage solution. Tailored boat lift covers offer immediate access, allowing for spontaneous boating trips. They also ensure enhanced protection against water and weather damage, as the boat remains out of the water when not in use. Furthermore, specially crafted boat lift covers reflect your boat’s personal style and look.

When you purchase and install your boat lift cover, it guarantees a durable and customizable lift for your boat’s needs, minimizing long-term maintenance costs. 

Don’t forget to make regular inspections of the boat lift cover to ensure its proper functioning and safety.

Selecting the right boat storage solution depends on your budget, location, desired level of convenience, and boat maintenance requirements. Though marina storage or a dry storage facility are available storage options, a boat lift cover is the superior choice for addressing your boat’s unique needs. Visit Waterway Boat Lift Covers to explore our boat lift cover options! We can help you create a custom boat lift cover that ensures the quality of your boat over its lifetime.