5 Things To Do During Spring in Florida

There’s something about the Spring air that gets people riled up – the beaches, the thriving wildlife, the boat rides and swims, and the extra time to kick back with friends and family. And whatever your muse may be, Spring’s got something in store for everyone.

Fun in the Florida Sun

We know this year’s a little different, but there’s plenty of ways to keep up with your Spring routine.

Don’t just talk about wanting to get out there…

Go boating in Naples
Go snorkeling in the waters of Anna Maria Island
Fish on New Smyrna beach
Sunbathe in Destin
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If you’re still thinking of something new to try, take a look at this event list!

Spring Flings

You’ll be so deep in the fun zone that you might not even notice all the wildlife around you, joining in on the fun.

With warmer weather comes the critters that were hiding from the cold. Turtles are leaving their burrows, manatees are returning to warmer waters. And on top of the various beach birds being excited to come out and enjoy the sun, it’s mating season for a lot of these love bugs.

manatee wildlife in Florida
Panther wildlife in Florida

From flamingos and crocodiles to bears and panthers, you can see there is an abundance of species thriving off of the lands and waters all around you. But don’t let that make you nervous – there’s miles and miles between you and them. Either way, it’s pretty cool to know you’re fishing in the same waters and walking the same ground as these tremendous creatures. 

Have Fun & Be Safe

Above springing into all the fun, be safe, pack snacks, stay hydrated, and be prepared for the unexpected. When the fun is over for the day and it’s time to dock, find comfort in knowing everyone and everything returned to shore safe and sound.


Mother nature is unpredictable and that’s why we always strive to do what we can to keep your life running smoothly. Click here to see how we’ve been keeping the residents of Florida and their vessels safe since 1995!