2 Unexpected Reasons You Need a Boat Lift Cover

The perfect formula for a nice day out on your boat is as simple as sun+water. That’s why it’s such a shock when people learn that those two elements can ultimately lead to your boat’s demise. Together, the damage they cause and a lack of maintenance are the main reasons you need a boat lift cover.

Something as simple as a canopy boat cover can save you the heartache of having to say goodbye to your boat too soon.

Sun Against Your Boat Roof & Hull

As much as we love the feel of the sun on our skin, we know too much of it can be harmful. It works the exact same way for your boat! Too much sun hitting the roof of your boat or the hull can be detrimental to its quality and make it look faded or dirty. Other solutions exist, such as wax protectants, but using these options will only delay what’s unavoidable.

Even Boats Need a Chance to Air-dry

Just like too much sun is bad, so is too much water. It may be silly to think that water can cause damage to your boat. It’s a vessel made to live on water, after all. However, 69% of boats that sink fall victim at their own docks or moors. While this is rare, it is very possible.

Reportedly, one or more of these could be the source of water leak
  • hull fittings for intakes or drains
  • drain plugs
  • wash-down pump thru-hulls
  • holes for depth finder transducers
  • bolts for the outboard motor

Ultimately, the lack of maintenance is the culprit. Water-damaged parts finally give out, or an ugly storm takes the boat underwater.

Regular maintenance and proper storage are non-negotiable in order to maintain the quality of life for your boat. And it’s no secret that uncovered boats age faster. That’s why a quality boat lift cover is critical to maximizing your boat’s life span.


That’s what Waterway Boat Lift Covers specializes in. All of our custom-fit boat lift covers are made with our patented canopy, easy-to-use systems, and durable materials. Maintaining the condition of your boat has never been easier! Visit our site to get your free quote!