How to Keep Your Boat Clean

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Are you confused about how to begin taking care of your boat? Whether a new boat owner or a seasoned one, it’s time to maintain your boat properly! Grab a bucket of soapy water, and take a look at these tips on how to keep your boat clean.


Cleaning the interior of your boat is necessary to prevent cracking and corrosion. Start with vacuuming your marine carpet to remove any particles and debris. Then it’s time to scrub it clean with soap and water, making sure to wet-vac when done.

Cushions can become caked with dirt and mildew. Take special precautions because most have antimicrobial properties. Leave the harsh chemicals at home and opt for a good old fashioned bucket of water and soap. When tough stains won’t come out, tackle them with a marine vinyl cleaner.


Each boat has a gel protective coating that helps protect itself from salt and the sun. However, if not adequately maintained, oxidation occurs. You can take care of this by giving it a good coating of wax and polish. Just like that, your boat will be shining and looking brand-new again!


The sun and harsh weather conditions could affect your boat leaving it dirty and, much worse, damaged. When you store your boat under a boat lift cover, you protect your boat. Leaving less time for cleaning and repairs and giving you more time to enjoy the open ocean! Waterway Boat Lift Covers use a polyester reinforced waterproof PVC fabric, flame, mildew, stain, and dirt resistant. With the strong fabric Waterway uses, you won’t have to spend hours maintaining your cover. Check out the solution that will help keep your boat clean and safe all year long at!

4 Ways to Expand the Life of Your Boat

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Boats are a considerable investment, but they reap the rewards of long-lasting fun for the entire family! Once you take the plunge and dive into buying a boat, your next steps should be learning how you can protect it. Here are four ways to expand the life of your boat.

Wash Your Boat

You had a fantastic time out on the water, but now it’s time to wash up. Washing your boat is important because it cleans algae, dirt, salt, and residue buildup. Over time if left unkempt, this buildup can become very tough to clean and eat away at the gel protective coating.

Flush Your Outboard Engine

Salt can build up in the motor and cause corrosive damage. After your saltwater expedition is over, take fresh water and thoroughly flush the engine. With proper flushing, your engine will keep on revving, allowing you to breeze over the Florida ocean with peace of mind! 


We know every once in a while, you love the adrenaline rush of watching the speedometer rise. Feeling the rush is exhilarating, but is it that great for your boat? Your boat is typically less stressed when at cruising speeds. The average cruising speed is between 15-30 MPH. So have fun out on the water, but remember to cruise when possible!

Store Your Boat Properly

When the fun is over, and it’s time to park your boat, why not park it under a boat lift cover? Get a boat cover from the best Waterway! Waterway Boat Lift Covers protect your boat from harsh sun and weather elements. Our Canopy covers are guaranteed to withstand 70 MPH winds, and our frames are guaranteed to withstand 180 MPH winds, now that’s strong! Every Waterway Boat Lift Cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Expand the life of your boat by choosing Waterway! Visit our website at today for more information.